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At Tilo Medical & Acupuncture, top quality professional care combines with a soothing, healing environment for the exceptional healthcare you deserve. We offer comprehensive modalities, including acupuncture, herbal therapy, functional medicine, bodywork, movement therapies and nutritional advice. Explore this website or phone our office to learn more. Be well!

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Tilo Medical & Acupuncture


Clinic Director, Dr. Miles Reid

Dr. Miles Reid offers something rare in the field: He is both a Medical Doctor (M.D.) and a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (D.A.O.M.). Patients praise his truly integrated approach, expert diagnostic skills and genuinely warm manner.

Listen to an interview with Dr. Miles Reid:

Herbal Formulas Based on Ancient Wisdom

Tilo Medical & Acupuncture is pleased to be able to offer proprietary herbal formulas created by Dr. Reid. As one of our patients says about the Being Energy Elixir, "I know it might sound too good to be true, however the best way to describe this ancient Chinese formula is to call it the Fountain of Youth in a bottle."

To learn more and purchase these exceptional products, see our online Store.


Tilo Medical & Acupuncture offers a variety of treatments, tailored to your individual needs:

Infrared Sauna
    Feldenkrais® Method
    Gyrotonic Expansion System®
    NEUROCARE Physical Therapy
    Massage Therapy
    And More

Being Energy Is Enlivening

Our extended wellness program is called Being Energy.

Being Energy is an empowering program of self-discovery that brings vitality to your body, clarity to your mind and purpose to your spirit. For details about this program, see: www.beingenergy.com.

One of Being Energy's most popular classes is the online Nutrition + Health series. The classes are packed with practical information you can use to feel your best. Here is a sample from a recent class:


3 Reasons to Get More Sleep

Getting enough sleep is vital for optimal health and wellbeing. Yet most of us don’t manage to sleep enough, or sleep well. This can be complicated by hormonal shifts, especially for women. 

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