About Us

About Us

Tilo Medical & Acupuncture offers a unique combination of doctors, practitioners and services for a comprehensive wellness approach. 

Our Clinic Director, Dr. Miles Reid, provides something rare: He is both a Medical Doctor (M.D.) and a Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (D.A.O.M.). Our patients take comfort in this, and appreciate Dr. Reid's thorough and skilled approach. This approach is at the root of Tilo Medical & Acupuncture.

At Tilo, you will find a warm and soothing healing environment balanced with top-quality professional care that you can trust and rely upon.

Our clinic embodies the vision of a healthcare facility that integrates Western medical diagnosis with the wisdom and effectiveness of complementary medical therapies, including Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.

We provide integrative and preventive medicine, also known as holistic medicine (wellness for mind, body and spirit). The basic premise of integrative medicine is that the body is considered in its entirety, with all its parts being seen as connected and interrelated. It is, in our view, common-sense medicine. 

The name of our clinic reflects this approach. Tilo is Spanish for linden, a tree known for its medicinal properties. The tilo tree symbolizes the kind of medicine we practice. Its blossoms have been used by cultures throughout the world to promote health, soothe the emotions and nourish the spirit. A tree has one trunk and many branches, and this perfectly represents our belief in and practice of a medicine that integrates all the branches of tools, technology and health wisdom available in our modern times.