Comprehensive Medical Evaluation

Comprehensive Medical Evaluation

We believe you should expect your healthcare provider to:

  • Thoroughly explain things in a language you can understand
  • Go over all treatment options
  • Understand the influence and effects of diet
  • Understand the influence and effects of supplements and herbs
  • Are aware of mind-body-spirit interactions of energetic medicine

At Tilo Medical & Acupuncture, we are practitioners of mind, body and spirit medicine. Or you could say that we practice medicine of well being or integrative medicine. The basic premise of integrative medicine is that the body is a whole and all its parts are connected. Really, it is common sense medicine.

A rapidly emerging field, integrative medicine seeks to improve medical care by combining the best of conventional medicine with mind-body-spirit approaches. It seeks to enhance the western medical model with complementary forms of care.

Your first appointment at Tilo Medical & Acupuncture includes a comprehensive evaluation, incorporating both the Traditional Chinese Medicine model and western medical approaches. Your medical history, prior treatments and lab work will all be taken into account and, when needed, further testing and specialist referrals will be thoroughly discussed.

The main focus of your initial assessment will be on nutrition, lifestyle and pattern diagnosis. It's becoming increasingly clear that social and emotional issues can contribute to disease. The field of neuroendocrinology has made profound discoveries in the relationships between environmental and personal concerns and the functions of the cells and tissues in the body.

In medical school, we were taught an extensive intake questionnaire; but with the demands of managed care limiting the time doctors can actually spend with patients, entire sections of the questionnaire have to be tossed out. The first section to go is the one about “social” life. Many doctors have no time to inquire about important basics such as: What things make you happy? What do you do to manage stress? The answers to these questions often provide the best clues as to which way to individually approach patient care.

A doctor who practices integrative medicine will ask the patient: What do you tell yourself about yourself? What do you eat? How do you sleep at night? What do you do before going to sleep and when waking up?

At Tilo Medical & Acupuncture, we urge to you ask questions, ask for options and information and tell us how you feel inside, in addition to telling us your symptoms. The Tilo Medical comprehensive evaluation addresses your mind, body and spirit.