Testimonials from Our Patients

Testimonials from Our Patients

I am a physician educated and trained in the United States and have worked in a busy urban Emergency Dept. for close to 30 years.  Over the years I have become humbled by the limits of my western medical training and, for me, Miles Reid picks up where allopathic medicine leaves off.  His holistic and integrative approach compliments my practice and addresses aspects of health that are outside of the western medical vocabulary:  immunological health, energy balance, psychic well-being and so much more.  I have been a patient of Dr. Reid's for many years, coming to him for support for my own injuries and illnesses and I refer patients to him for the same.  He is truly a healer with impeccable professional and academic standards. —Paula Glosserman, M.D., Chief Emergency Care, Kaisser Permanente

Dr. Reid truly practices "Integrative Health Care” in a way I haven't really experienced elsewhere. He brings deep intelligence, perceptive clarity, and genuine compassion to each session, so that as a patient you feel seen and heard. As for the hands-on work, my experience has been that the acupuncture works at a very refined level, each treatment is a well-thought out response to the needs of the moment, addressing any imbalances before they become problems. I highly recommend Dr. Reid and have brought in a number of close friends for treatment--the true test of confidence in a health care practitioner. —Amely Greeven, Los Angeles, Editor

Seeing Miles after I’d fractured my arm was a great experience. He immediately made time to see me, even canceling personal appointments to fit me in. His experience in Western medicine is part of his approach. A lot of alternative medicine folks look down on Western medicine and tell you that it's not viable, but he doesn't feel this way. I've referred my mom to him – that's how much I respect him. —Brad Scoular, Los Angeles, Life and Health Insurance Consultant

Miles was my last chance before neck surgery! Besides acupuncture and herbs, he also used lab tests, and physical therapy. After two months of treatment, I was completely off Advil! He has this uncanny ability to help you get to the stress in your life, which helps in the healing. He's truly a gifted healer. —Gina Martucci, Redondo Beach, Real Estate Agent

Miles Reid has been my holistic doctor for more than eight years. His background of Western medicine made it easy for me to trust and transition into eastern medicine since I didn't grow up with acupuncture. Dr. Reid not only treats me with utmost care, asking careful questions about my condition, but also makes me responsible of my healing. After each visit I learn a bit more about how to listen and care for my body. —Darien Donner, Los Angeles, School Teacher

I first saw Dr. Reid two years ago when I injured my knee playing competitive tennis. He treated me with acupuncture and herbs as well as some hands on body work. Within weeks he had me back on the court and within a month I was able to resume my competitive schedule. Because of his knowledge and treatment my knee has fully recovered. His way of treating the mind, body and spirit, is what motivates me to make regular appointments. During the last two years Dr. Reid has treated me for hormone imbalance, joint pain and stress. He integrates western diagnosis with eastern treatment and helps me to be an active participant in my own health and well being. Wise, intuitive and caring; Dr. Reid is a rare find. —Ellen Cajka, Manhattan Beach, Stay-at-Home Mom

I have been a patient of Dr. Miles Reid for several years. The healing I have experienced, under his guidance and care has been extraordinary. Through a combination of acupuncture, herbs and a specially formulated daily supplement, I am enjoying, at mid-life, the greatest health and well-being of my life. I have come to trust him, not only with my long-term care, but also for seasonal occurrences of flu and allergies. I also appreciate his holistic approach and willingness to work with other medical professionals if a patient so desires. As a primary health care provider, I find Dr. Reid among the very best and would strongly recommend him to anyone regardless of the kinds of health issues or conditions they might have. —Patricia Spinoza, Los Angeles, Insurance Manager

I LOVE Miles! By talking with you, using Chinese medicine and Western medicine, he has a very well rounded sense of what people need. He knows what's wrong with me the minute I walk in the office. Sometimes he tells me what's wrong before I know myself! I was apprehensive about getting acupuncture, based upon a previous bad experience, but with Miles I was amazed at the results right away. —Cherie Hankal, Santa Monica, Producer

Someone introduced me to Dr. Miles Reid. Miles, in my opinion, kept me alive long enough to find out what was really happening (a complex undiagnosed set of symptoms). With the acupuncture treatments he provided and his loving and caring hands, I had moments of strength and symptom relief enough to get me to the next month. His treatments kept me going and provided me with physical strength when I had none and calmed my mind until we could sort out what was happening. I am grateful with all of my soul to Dr. Miles Reid for keeping me strong until I would find a complete answer to all of my health problems or at least what we have figured out so far. —Karina Velazco, Flamenco Dancer

User Reviews for Miles Reid L.Ac., Tilo Medical & Acupuncture

Posted by docgdreams:

Dr. Reid is a fantastic doctor and an even better person. As a chiropractor, I have had the pleasure of "sharing" patients with Dr. Reid. He is professional, intelligent, and fun to work with. He has helped my patients achieve a higher level of health and vitality.

Posted by heathercarterloans:

Dr. Reid is a unique, compassionate and amazingly knowledgeable and caring doctor who delivers results. I visited him after having my daughter, complaining of a lack of energy and weak immune system. His treatment noticeably increased my energy and I haven't gotten nearly as many colds. I also took my two-year-old to see him and he gave her some herbs and showed me how to massage some pressure points on her arms and legs...and she hasn't been sick once since then. If you need results and demand the best, then Dr. Reid is your only choice.

Pros: Very thorough and great listening skills. Cons: I want to go for treatment every week!

Posted by chachartis:

I went to Dr. Reid having heard great things about both him and acupunture, but I was sort of skeptical. I am no skeptic any longer. The doctor helped relieve chronic pain that I had suffered in my left knee for several years (having hurt it during a soccer game). His knowledge of the human body is most impressive-- I never would have believed that my knee could be helped without surgery, but I'm able to move around now like I haven't been able to in years.

Pros: Great bedside manner; explains everything and is effective. Cons: none.

Posted by sanmogirl:

As a massage therapist, I refer patients to Miles professionally and use him personally, all the time. I have been doing this for years. I send him patients with all kind of ailments such as chronic pain, migraines, addictions, asthma/allerigies, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ dystunction and pain associated with car accidents plus a whole lot more. Miles takes a comprehensive approach to his patients' healthcare because of his background both as an MD and an acupuncturist/Chinese herbalist. And, even if nothing ails you... for a surefire trip straight to LA LA land that will set your head right with the world, then call and schedule a treatment now. You don't know what you're missing!!

Posted by ontrix:

I personally have not had the pleasure of being a patient, but I know five people who have gone who have all been thrilled with his treatment. He has done some great work with Chinese acupuncture treatments. I cannot wait until I have a chance to go see him myself.

Posted by philgloss:

Miles Reid is a very special healthcare provider and healer. I'm a very busy and active professional and for the past three years I've seen Dr. Reid primarily to assist me in staying focused, calm, and balanced. It has done me a world of good! Over the past 20 years, I've seen several of the best acupuncturists in LA. In my book, Dr. Reid is the best of the best. Before becoming involved in Chinese medicine, Dr. Reid was an internal medicine specialist, so he brings east and west together in his practice. He is very insightful, caring, and spends a lot of time with his patients, more so than any doctor I've encountered. I have referred several of my friends and associates to him and they all rave about him. If you have issues such as headaches, allergies, insomnia, depression, chronic fatigue, stress, stomach aches or your are constantly getting sick, I highly recommend you give Dr. Reid a try. He can address health issues in ways that traditional western doctors can't. He deals with the source, not just the symptoms. – Phil Glosserman, Executive Business and Sales Coach and Trainer

Pros: knows both eastern and western medicine, professional, caring, highly effective Cons: none that I noticed

Posted by elenas888:

I have been Dr. Reid’s patient for almost 10 years. My search for medical care that addresses the root causes of my ailments, not just a treatment for the symptoms, led to me Dr. Reid who has expertise in both Eastern and Western approaches. He is an exceptionally attentive and thorough practitioner, and he really takes the time to find out what’s going on with you and your life that might be related to your physical condition, and to provide really effective solutions, too. Over the years he not only has seen me through several chronic and numerous acute conditions, but he has helped me learn to take better care of myself so I have less need to see a doctor. Highly recommend.

Pros: exceptional staff, easy access, beautiful setting

Posted by gvospher:

I went to Dr. Reid due to a chronic pain in my right shoulder, that had been getting progressively worse over the last two years. No other treatment had worked and it had gotten to the point that I couldn't raise my arm past my shoulder without severe pain. After just one session with Dr. Reid, I was able to swing my arm over my head with barely a twinge. By the end of the second treatment, it was as if the pain had never existed. I was amazed at how quickly the treatments worked. Two sessions ended two years of pain. It really was amazing.

Posted by guilhem:

Ten years ago, I had a chronic back problem that was only getting worse with time and that conventional medicine was unable to cure. Some friends recommended that I see Dr. Reid, and in a couple of weeks of his treatments that included acupuncture, massages, Chinese herbs, exercises... the pain was gone! Since then, it has been a relief in my life to have found someone I could entirely trust for taking care of my health. Through the years, not only has Dr. Reid treated all my health issues, but he has also taught me how to take care of my body. Now any trace of that old back problem is completely gone and I feel I have much better health and am much more confident about it than when I was in my twenties. I will highly recommend him to whoever has health issues or just wants to be energetically at their best to face everyday challenges.

Pros: Easy parking, quiet and relaxing atmosphere, excellent results Cons: None

Posted by gavinall:

I have consulted Dr. Reid for many years now, and always with excellent results. I used to be easy prey to infections of the respiratory system – colds, flu, etc.; they always knocked me out for two weeks or more at a time, I couldn’t work, couldn’t do anything at all, and taking antibiotics and the like didn’t make it much better because of the heavy side effects they have on me. That has changed drastically since. Whenever I sense the first signs of an infection, I immediately visit Dr. Reid for a treatment, and the infection doesn’t break out in the first place. I get around it, so to speak. And on the rare occasion that for whatever reason I wait too long and the infection has already taken over, with Dr. Reid’s treatment there are less days of being sick and I can still properly function meanwhile. But I really have to mention an incident that was outstanding for me. A couple of years ago, I had fallen on my right knee while jogging. It started swelling considerably; the traumatologist I went to said that a bursitis had developed, and that the only way to get rid of it for good was surgery. I was horrified at the mere idea and decided to first consult with Dr. Reid. He calmed me down and assured me that he could most probably help me to avoid surgery. He gave me a series of acupuncture treatments, combined with a special, herb-based plaster that every day I had to put on the swollen area. And I couldn’t believe my own eyes: Counting from day one, the swelling grew less and less. I could watch it disappear; after some nine or ten days it was totally gone! I was so relieved and happy! So, if you ask me, Dr. Reid is an outstanding practitioner of the healing arts, and I would highly recommend him!

Pros: Amenable and relaxing atmosphere; excellent results; easy parking Cons: None

Posted by jetguerin:

For nagging and chronic conditions that Western health care has trouble adressing, Tilo Medical gets high marks. Five years ago, I went to see Dr. Reid for sore knees caused by figure skating after being told by a sports clinic that they would need to get worse before they could diagnose a problem. At Tilo, I began a series of acupuncture and herbal therapy that solved my knee condition, and surprisingly has uncovered, treated and cured layers of pain and discomfort that I either didn't realize I had, or that I had decided long ago to live with. These include back pain, alergies to food, chronic intestinal pain and sensitivity, headaches, weaknesses in the imune system, and other conditions that are present during maintenance visits. What has been a delight is that Dr. Reid listens and treats according to my life situation, and helps me to understand the underlying reasons for the conditions so that I can help myself, and avoid causing recurring conditions. Dr. Reids active and open discussions of options and alternatives has made health care, well... fun. It should also be mentioned that at Tilo, Aerin Alexander's sessions in body work, which include a blend of the Feldenkrais Method, Bones for Life and a natural talent for healing, creates the perfect complement to Dr. Reid.

Pros: Soothing atmosphere, friendly and open staff, easy parking, good results Cons: Although comparitively inexpensive, not all practices are covered by insurance

Posted by alex_d:

In 1999 when I went to see Dr. Reid for the first time, I had a minor issue with my health and all I wanted was to fix it. Dr. Reid helped me with that and at the same time he made me aware that everything is interconnected and made me look at my health from a wider point of view. During all these years with the help of Dr. Reid, not only have I kept my health in good condition, I have also learned a great deal about how to take care of myself, including things regarding food, physical and emotional health. I used to go see Dr. Reid only when I had some problem like a cold or something like that, but as the time went, I started to go see him at least once in a month or so--preventive care works so much better. The best thing I like about Dr. Reid is that he is very knowledgeable both in Chinese and Western medicine. He uses things from both worlds; for example, once I had a problem with my skin he sent me to do a hormonal profile test, and then based on the result, I received treatments and I was prescribed specific vitamins to deal with it. And the problem disappeared! My skin issue used to get aggravated 2-3 times a year, but since that treatment, I've had no problems at all. That's integrative medicine at its best--looking at an issue from all possible sides. Speaking of treating colds and flus, it usually takes just one acupuncture treatment and maybe some herbs. Even though I know that it works, it still seems like a miracle every time when I see a cold or flu gone the same or next day after Dr. Reid's treatment. I am very grateful to Dr. Reid for all these years of keeping my health in such a great state. I recommended him to many of my friends and colleagues, and I recommend him to anyone who is interested in keeping his/her health in good condition.

Pros: Everything

Posted by teoinmotion:

I am a businessman and a sportsman and Dr. Miles Reid has been my primary health care provider for more than seven years. Dr. Reid has not only the ability to get you up and running when you go to him with any illness or injury, but he can keep you from ever getting there if you take the time to go see him for one of his "maintenance treatments" which, by the way, is one of the best treats you can give to yourself. Those treatments will keep you healthy, balanced, feeling great and at your top performance. And when he says "integrative medicine" he means it ... every aspect of your life and life's environment is taken into account at the treatment room. Thanks to him and his lifestyle recommendations, I've gone years at a time without even catching a cold.

Posted by ambar_parra:

After a couple of years of visiting many kinds of western and non-western physicians, and after trying all kinds of pharmaceutical drugs and remedies to cure my constant stomachache, back pain and fatigue, I went to see Dr. Reid. The first words that Dr Reid told me were: “Don’t get discourage because of the experiences you had in the past with other medical doctors. Now you need to trust that you will be healed." I did trust the process and trusted Dr. Reid. After a few acupuncture sessions and taking some herbs that Dr. Reid prepared for me, I started to recover my strength. In few months the pain in the stomach and in my whole body disappeared. That happened seven years ago, and since then I have been visiting Dr. Reid any time I feel my body is unbalanced or getting sick. Dr. Reid always welcomes me with a warm smile and patiently listens to my symptoms. Usually, I only need one session to feel better and to recover my health.

Pros: Relaxing and quiet environment

Posted by natalie7:

I beleive Miles Reid is the best health care professional I have visited. He really makes it a point to pay full undivided attention to his patient, being thorough and very specific, listening, hearing, and responding to all the patient's concerns. Every visit brought me great improvement with whatever my health issue was; he is a true magician when it comes to choosing the treatment. Moreover, not only are his personal qualities amazing when it comes to cummunicating and connecting to the patient, but also his technique and skill as an accupuncturist as well as mastery as a herbologist are outstanding. His treatments have a quality of silence, peace and relaxation to the whole body. He has a very gentle touch, and the atmosphere of his office really integrates the soothing quality of the treatment. I reccomend him to anyone who is in search of top-quality treatment.

Pros: parking, office interior and exterior, practitioner himself