What People Say about Our Cancer Support Program

"I was diagnosed with cancer, and given six months to one year to live. I was referred to Dr. Reid, but almost got rid of his card. When I heard his voice on the phone, I could feel the goodness and spirituality. He's helped me to take a different approach to life – more relaxed to reduce stress. He has a unique way of seeing where your problems are – very spiritual, supplemented with western medical practices like blood tests. He uses the holistic approach that he lives by himself; he gave me ideas to help me reformat my life and learn the full body approach. My last scan showed that the cancer has not returned. There's no way to know if this is because of any specific thing, but he's helped me to shift my attitude and to try to create the most wonderful mood I can for myself and other people."  – Anna Contreras, Alhambra, Retired SS administrator

See an excerpt from a talk that Dr. Reid gave at the Cancer Support Community - Benjamin Center in Los Angeles on April 12, 2013:

Posted by amcont:

"Dr. Reid is unlike any other Dr. I've encountered. He listens with his entire being and tailors treatment to address the root cause of disease and illness. I started seeing him four years ago, after I was misdiagnosed with pancreatic cancer. In laying the foundation for treatment, he said that I needed to look at my body parts as akin to a body of nations. Cancer is one nation proclaiming to the others, that all resources and energies are to be marshalled to further its own selfish existence. Sound familiar--makes you kinda wonder no? His guidance, treatment and sharing have served to broaden my idea of overall health. I believe myself to be healthier now at 54 than I've ever been. My monthly treatments with Dr. Reid are 'tune-ups' that further me along the path towards discovery, attention and full awareness. I have a body, Dr. Reid has helped me live through it with an awareness that keeps disease in check."