Being Energy® Workshops

Being Energy® Workshops

Being Energy's workshops give you the opportunity to step out of your daily life and immerse yourself in an intensive, revitalizing experience. They are also part of Being Energy's Teacher Training Program.

The workshops represent Being Energy's core teachings, and are presented in three separate formats:

  • Introductory one-day workshops that focus on restoring physical and energetic wellbeing
  • Two-day workshops designed to boost our vitality and encourage us to look at our thoughts and emotions and how they affect our relationships, goals and purposes
  • Three- to five-day retreats help participants achieve a state of inner silence and connection to nature

In all of the formats, Being Energy workshops immerse you in the more than 20-year experience of Aerin Alexander and Dr. Miles Reid as researchers in field of health and spiritual studies. Taught on several continents, the workshops help you discover your true full potential. They also introduce you to a worldwide community of people who share and support each other.

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