Group Detox Program

Group Detox Program

Our 21-day Group Detox Program gives your body a break from foods that may be irritating to your system and helps support and strengthen your lymphatic system and organs that eliminate toxins from your body, including the skin, intestines, liver, lungs and kidneys.

The program includes a thorough dietary protocol with plenty of choices to keep you satisfied and supported throughout the program. It culminates with three afternoons that we call The Detox Retreat, in which you enjoy the benefits of acupuncture, Chinese massage, our infrared sauna and more. These treatments take place in our clinic and are scheduled individually.

When you register, you receive our Detox eBooklet, which outlines the program in full and includes recipes and suggestions to support you. 

Our Group Detox Program is carefully designed to help you achieve the best possible results. It leaves you feeling nurtured rather than deprived. We also provide post-program support that includes a two-week diet plan, supportive supplements, and a group follow-up meeting to talk about the experience, address questions and concerns and discuss maintenance recommendations.

For more information, and to join our next Group Detox Program, contact our office. If you're looking for a more personal program, ask us about our Individual Detox Program.

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