What People Say about Our Detox Programs

From a Being Energy Detox Program regular on his most recent experience with the program: "I stepped into the Detox in relaxed mood and was watching the oncoming facets of this journey. I felt the day-by-day increasing freedom of the liver - I enjoyed it deeply to feel lighter that way. I was eating normally according to the diet-guideline and was feeling the deep impact of the specific detox-supporters. The emotional detox with the breaths was again intensive and necessary. Dr Reid, thank you again for providing the Detox, I see it as crucial and adequate for me!."   –  Roland Koeck, Forest Service

"I decided to start my Detox in March, with the arrival of Spring. I was very excited and worried at the same time about being able to manage it. So, I planned to use the first week as a preparation (for example, letting myself have coffee if I needed), but found myself into the full program on the very second day (no coffee, no need!!) and stayed on the program for a full three weeks, and continue with it in a less structured form... Day after day, my body learned to connect with the program and eventually guided me to a more peaceful space, the body lengthened and became lighter, my heart opened and I started feeling more alert. The Detox became my best friend and helped me transition into a new phase of my life...leaving me more svelte, compact and with a sense of readiness."   – Roberta Amuso, Banking and Finance Professional

"I participated in the detox class at the beginning of the year. The experience was something new, and I had the chance to discover so many different possibilities about food and nutrition that I didn't know before. I managed to include more green and fresh foods in my diet and refrain from coffee, at least for a part of the program. I also really liked the energetic exercises and putting my mind to the intention at the beginning and end of each day. These have served as a guide to walk out of old and unwanted patterns. Also, I discovered that I have stored over the years many unwanted feelings—grief, disappointment, anger and frustration—that have accumulated in my body. It has been a new experience to sense that detox means not only focusing on energetic foods rich in nutrients, but also letting go of all negative emotions accumulated from past experiences. One specific text that impressed me the most was the Peace Making Meditation. I saw immediately myself so many times being hurt, not knowing how to react in situations of utter frustration where self destruction seemed to be the only way out. I realized that so many times I'd hurt myself as a punishment for not being worthy, not succeeding, not, not, not. And just the words 'I do forgive and release myself completely and totally' had such a great power for me. I repeated the words many times and I was motivated to make music for them. You can listen to it on http://www.soundcloud.com/infinitynavigators/peacemaking-meditation. Just the words 'I forgive you' give such a great feeling of relief. A big thank you for this great motivation and inspiration, and a big thank you for the classes."  – Theodore Bablekos, Network Engineer Consultant

"I wanted to share my experience with your detox program and thank you for your visible and invisible support. The program is working amazingly for me and it is truly transforming the way I relate to nutrition. Very surprisingly, I had almost no craving for cookies and fries; or craving for a lot of food in general; feel very energetic, don't need to sleep as much and have lost weight! Also, thank you for the amazing three day retreat-pampering-soothing-yummy spa treatments." – Richard Wedler, Musician

"I went into the program with the intent of turning my life around. I am 62 years old, and before the cleanse I was literally killing myself. I ate lots of fats, sugar, caffeine, red meat, cheese, etc.; and very few fruits, vegetables and fish. I also didn't exercise. I was about 20 lbs overweight, but it was all in my stomach, which is the worst place with regards to heart problems. I started exercising when I started the cleanse; slowly at first, and building steadily, both in strength and endurance. The food program you put us on helped get rid of many of the toxins in my body, while allowing my taste buds to appreciate healthier food groups. This, in itself, was a life altering experience. In the middle of the three weeks, you had us come in three consecutive days for 2 1/2 hours of acupuncture, Tui-na (scrubbing and cupping,) sauna and meditation. After the first session, I couldn't wait to come back for the next two. They were relaxing and refreshing at the same time. As of today, I have lost and kept off the 20 lbs and gained physical and mental strength. But the most impressive and unexpected result for me was an emotional calmness which appeared naturally, without effort, and has continued to manifest itself in both my professional and private life. It is as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I don't know if I am the exception or the rule; but either way your detox has drastically changed my life for the better. I would recommend your program to anyone who is looking for a new start, or a fine tune up. I thank you from the bottom of my heart." – Bob Gregory, Event Producer

"It is truly one of the best things I have ever done in my life! The program is artfully designed and extremely well run; I never got hungry because the supplements are balanced enough so that I never felt the need to eat beyond the guidelines of the program. In the middle of the 21-day period you get to enjoy three luxurious afternoons of massage, acupuncture, sauna and delicious vegetable broths that left me feeling like I was floating on a warm, fuzzy cloud, not what one would expect from a detox. Dr. Reid encouraged me to try weaning myself off the coffee, suggesting that the headaches might not be so bad. To my surprise he was right! The headaches were about one tenth the viciousness that they had been whenever I had tried to kick my coffee habit, and now because of that and the Detox program, my entire digestive system feels like it did when I was a kid, meaning, perfect! Also, because of switching to organic food when possible, and eliminating wheat and dairy, I was surprised to discover the culprits that were disturbing my G.I. Now, after a short 21 days I actually prefer vegetables and organic food to my old, average American eating habits. This is a "want to" thing, not a "should thing" like it's always been in the past, something I've never been able to accomplish. I feel better, lost weight, and get many comments on how much better I look. Not only that, my sense of taste has been mightily enhanced, and I can taste the toxins and chemicals in food now, in a way that I never noticed before. I have come to understand now, that these chemicals give food ingredients an "off" flavor. I've now been creating the most delicious organic dishes (that my family enjoys as well) just based on my newly refined sense of taste and smell. I would think this Detox is a must for any serious Chef who might want to refine their palate!And finally, the Detox, along with additional acupuncture treatments, has been healing the Tinnitus (ear ringing) that ear doctors have said is incurable. This program is the real deal, and I'm just glad I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to take advantage of it. Thanks Dr. Reid!" – Angie Glocka, CG Character Animator

"My main goal with the detox program was to get some control over an auto-immune problem manifested as severe skin itching and rashes. Not only my rashes but my overall skin health was significantly better after the detox. My hands age spots on the back of my hands seemed to fade and I received comments that the skin on my face was glowing. During the program I felt full of energy--more than normal--without losing my calm and balance. I did not want to lose weight and in fact I stayed within my normal range throughout the program. Beyond these immediate benefits, I believe the most lasting change will be my increased awareness about what I am eating and it's potential short term and long term effect on my body. In the past I had always believed that I could eat almost anything because I have a strong stomach that does not complain directly about what I put in it. Now I realize that what I put in my body does affect my energy level and my most sensitive organ —my skin. I feel I gained enough knowledge from the detox program to makes some new choices about what I want to eat that will help me in the long term. And the emphasis on becoming conscious of our emotional toxins and addressing them was especially helpful. Thanks so much to the Tilo team." —Tom Reavley, Arbitration Lawyer

"Having done several different kinds of detox regimes, I can attest that cleansing your body of toxins makes a huge difference in how I feel and look. However, the biggest difference between Dr. Reid’s program versus the others is that I was never hungry. Plus it tastes GOOD, I had the added support of a medical AND holistic doctor, and the best part was the “spa treatment”! No other program that I’ve experienced has all these added bonuses. My husband is a true-blooded meat eater. It was harder for him, but the results have been quite astonishing. He has lost some weight (and is still continuing to lose weight), his eyes and skin are clearer, and people have even commented on how “radiant” he looks. Best of all, he feels good, has more energy, and even suggested we do a six-day hike through Tasmania this year! Thank you, Dr. Reid and staff, for opening our lives up to a new way of eating and taking care of our bodies!" – Grace and Vernon Wells

"In the spirit of gratitude, I'll express my gratefulness for my first detox with Miles and his team. The detox process has brought my attention to how good it feels to keep a nutritionally energetic balance in my diet as well as the balance I need in my emotional environment. It has turned my attention toward the importance of respecting my body's "mind" and needs since this is the only body I have during this stay on earth. I have enjoyed the increased energy, positive outlook, and increased self-healing capacity this practice has afforded me. Now, I just have to manage to keep it up in the face of every day activity and food availability. It is becoming easier to pull myself back in to center on this path probably because the detox has helped me become more attuned to my hunger cycles and how to balance them to support my glucose metabolism. This was well worth my time, energy and expense. I will happily do it again for a further 'tune-up'." – Beth Hartley, Educator

"Thanks to the Detox Program, to Dr. Reid and all the kind attention of the Tilo Medical's staff, I feel now clear and light, and more than a month later, I can still see the result of the program as an overall sensation of rejuvenation, of presence and calmness and of clearer thoughts. Most of all, I have better health: my skin issues disappeared and I can more easily manage stress. The program was an excellent choice for a moment of taking care of myself, listening to my needs for good food, sleep, rest, work out. Even if I had a rather balanced diet before, I learned a lot of details and refined my way of life to keep a good health and enjoyment of life. During the detox I experienced a very profound , restful sleep, and more energy in my daily life, and it's still going on. I wake up fresh and rested, ready for another day without worries. On another note I was very surprised by how emotions influence the breath and health and how getting rid of worries, anger, sadness by simply breathing increases my sensation of balance and wellbeing. I highly recommend it as a privileged moment to pay attention to oneself." – Anatole Lebreton, Business Owner

“I want to thank all the members of Tilo Medical that created a very pleasant and professional setting for the detox program. Unlike detox retreats where one is pulled out of the daily environment for a few weeks, this detox program was designed to allow for the integration of healthy new habits in day to day life. I was empowered by being an active participant in the success of the program, my detox program. In a way I was 'taught how to fish, not just given the fish...' Now that the detox is over I truly don't feel any urge to go back to 'my old ways' I am happy to continue taking care of my body without feeling deprived. While on the detox, one is advised to 'reduce or eliminate' certain foods and successes are not measured in absolutes but in relative terms that take in consideration real life situations. On top of that, interactions between participants are encouraged and one feels the support of the group. Another aspect that seems unique to the detox program offered by Tilo Medical is the multifaceted approach of: West meets East, the best of Modern medicine and Biochemistry and the ancient ways of China; reflecting, obviously, the spirit with which Tilo Medical was created. Thanks for the continuous support, during and after the detox.” – Giora Pasca, Nutritional Consultant

“Participating in the detox program at Tilo was one of the better decisions I have taken in recent times. Although the program at first appeared to be overwhelming and complicated, Dr. Reid and the staff at Tilo were very helpful, and always available for support throughout the program. The program involved a combination of detox shakes, herbs, sauna, acupuncture and massages, which all combined to form a complete and well rounded experience. By the end of the program, I had completely changed the way I eat, how I feel and had lost some extra weight too. The most rewarding aspect overall was that I developed a new confidence that I can now be aware and fully in control of how I eat, based on the newly acquired knowledge and experience of completing the program. I would recommend this program to all who want to improve their well being.” – Steve McAndrew, Disaster Relief Coordinator

“I got a lot out of the 21 day detox program. Some of my aches and pains went away or were greatly diminished. My mind also appears to be clearer, and I can concentrate more easily. There is a marked improvement in my overall energy level as well. I highly recommend this program to everyone even if they don’t think they have a need for a detoxification of the body. That’s what I thought and I was mistaken." – Ken Hirshberg, Student

“I do recommend the 21-day detox program at Tilo Medical. Coming from a background of allergic sensitivities, I already have a clean and healthy diet, and this program gave me tools to do even better. I have gained an improved digestion and immune response both during after the detox. It was an enjoyable experience, and I now see the necessity to perform a detox or cleanse periodically. It feels like an oil change.” – Frederick Guerin, Aviation Engineer

“I would highly recommend this detox program Dr. Miles Reid is offering. I feel that this is the best thing I've done for my health in a long time. I gained more awareness about what I consume, and I think that if I can keep this cleaner physical state, for sure I'll live longer and feel better. I thought I had a really healthy diet before, but this really helped in a number of ways. Probably the most important was that I became more aware of how gluten affected me. On a no gluten diet, my vision and perception became much clearer. I was never hungry and ate nearly as much as normal, but with more awareness. I also noticed that I wasn't reaching for the salt shaker as often as usual! I felt like my pipes were being unclogged, and my system becoming much cleaner. I also noticed that my usual muscular/joint inflammation was better. I used to take aspirin nearly daily when I'm working, and during the detox time it was very rare. I found that going through this with a group also helped a lot. On my own, I might not have had as much discipline, but with a group it definitely seemed more effortless. And the detox treatments were also very luxurious-- I felt very pampered, like I was getting some spa treatments. Most of the time, I felt more peaceful and quiet within. I found Dr. Miles and his staff to be very helpful, supportive, and knowledgeable, and I think everyone should do this detox, mostly to become more aware of what you're feeding yourself, how it is affecting you, and learn to make better choices. It will most likely add some quality years to your life!” – Iris Turney, Computer Programmer

“Thanks again for the wonderful Detox experience. I have never participated in a "cleanse" of this sort so I came in with little or no expectations. During the 21 days, I was able to regain control over certain eating habits that were detrimental to my health. Besides losing some weight, I would say the biggest change was a feeling of clarity and control over my food choices. I still like to eat a wide variety of different foods; however it is now with more attention and less indulging. The combination of massage, sauna and acupuncture seemed to have a very calming effect on my nervous system and I found myself less irritable and more likely to handle difficult situations with ease. Thanks again and I look forward to follow up treatments in the future.” – Grant Vospher, Solar Energy Distributor

"I had a great opportunity to go through the detox program at Tilo for two times with six months apart. My first experience was so enjoyable that I decided to do it again. The most important part for me was the feeling of deep care that all members of detox team provided. I felt like a child in a safe mother's hands where I can relax and let things go, purify myself, rest and get new strength into my body. I was a little bit light headed at the beginning of the diet, but not so much, and it told me that I really do not have so much chemical poisons in my body. I was able to completely change my diet and keep it that way for several months. I found that my major toxins are negative emotions: anger, frustration, fear, worry. I felt a release of this emotions during acupuncture treatments and special breathing exercises we had were a great help to me. Extra energy I got from detox went to alter my perception and I had several deep moments of seeing things differently. The second detox was even more delicate for me, more easy and even more enjoyable. The most enjoyable thing was an amazing feeling of group support and seeing all other participants shiny, happy, and light. It filled my heart with great appreciation. This time "emotional detoxification" was more clear for me and I am able to keep it as a great tool for my everyday life. The extra energy from detox helped me to go through stressful events in my life and act differently, actually, I made changes in a big part of my life during this detox program. Thank you very much to the detox team for all their care, affection, commitment and all other participants that supported me, strengthen my determination and made it easy and enjoyable." – Natalia Slepko

"I highly recommend the Tilo Medical detox program. It was a wonderful, transforming experience. Dr. Reid and the rest of the staff were exceptional and went out of their way to make sure everybody got the most out of the program. I really enjoyed Dr. Reid's multi-faceted, integrated approach, which included different forms of acupuncture; nutritional supplements and counseling; breathing exercises; medicinal herbs; and ongoing support in the form of group meetings and internet forums. Dr. Reid's integrative approach was so effective that it inspired me to now approach my own health and well-being in a more integrated way. For example, the detox program not only addressed the foods, beverages, and chemicals that we take into our bodies, it also addressed negative emotions that have an impact on our bodies and minds. Most importantly, Dr. Reid gave us tools to help us release such toxic emotions once they emerge in our bodies and minds. As a result, I'm more aware of how interactions and the emotions they evoke affect my health, so now I approach such interactions with more caution and awareness. The acupuncture, Tui-na, and other treatments were awesome. At first I was a little skeptical because I had never had acupuncture before. However, after my first day of treatment I felt great, and after my second day of treatment I felt a tremendous surge of energy and well-being. The detox program helped me become more aware of how food and beverages affect my body, moods, and energy. It also helped give me the discipline to eat less. As a result, I lost weight and feel better. I realize that maintaining my health and well-being is a life-long affair, and I'm grateful to Dr. Reid and the rest of the Tilo staff for giving me tools that I can use for the rest of my life to maintain such health and well-being. Thank you Dr. Reid and Tilo Medical!" – Brooks West, Environmental Lawyer

"I began my detox program in Geneva/Celigny, on September 27th. The treatments were very intensive for me, but I really enjoyed moving out the toxins. The cupping [a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique] was new for me, and I was impressed by the partly dark colors provoked by it around my shoulders. The acupuncture moved my energy directly, and I sensed some moments of intensive pain in my thighs, which disappeared rather fast. I started the detox diet on October 2nd. The most challenging task was the coffee enemas. First, I thought that I would never succeed, but after some time, I became accustomed to it and it was rather easy then. I felt that the coffee enemas were good for my body. Above all, I enjoyed the vegetable smoothie. It tastes really very fine and I felt that my body liked it very much. I also liked the Chinese herbs and Gallbladder liquid, which lasted until the last day of the detox. Afterward, I spent some days in the Austrian Alps, hiking for three days, and I felt light and free and moved with ease. I did not sweat that much and was enjoying the walking/hiking movement and the 120% attention. The strongest thing for me was the final day (the final 2 days, really). I enjoyed the apple diet, Epsom salts and the enemas during a free day (I took one day holiday). The drink (grapefruit with olive oil) was like a miracle—I loved the taste. Then I fell asleep very late and the next day I did the last two Epsom drinks. After the second drink, I moved my bowels and saw that there were greenish small stones in the toilet—there were gallbladder-stones! I was happy that the stones moved out, I did not know that I would have some of this “mineral” in me. Finally, I am really happy that the detox had this strong effect on me. I feel that my lungs seem to be stronger now. I also lost about 5-6 kilos of weight, and I am very happy about that. Dr Reid, thank you very much for introducing the detox to me. I feel that it is very strong and it was the adequate activity for me in these times."  – Roland Koeck, Forest Service