Blooming Together


Thinking of having a baby? Already pregnant? We've got something special to share with you. It's called Blooming TogetherEmpowering Your Pregnancy and Birth for a Life-long Healthy Bond with Your Baby.
Comprised of a book and four CDs or audio files, this innovative program offers clear information and unique tools to awaken your inner wisdom. It presents guided relaxations, visualizations and special exercises to empower women during their pregnancies and beyond.
The activities were specially designed to help expectant mothers create the best environment for the healthy growth of their babies and to prepare for a splendid birth.  
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A Note from the Authors
The program is based on the latest neuroscience research, is effective and is easy and enjoyable to do. We can proudly say that it makes a big difference in the way expectant mothers experience pregnancy.
We are so delighted to be able to finally share this with you all!
Visit our Blooming Together website for more details and feel free to forward this information to any expecting friend or family member. We're sure they will benefit from it.
Warm Regards,
Rakel Sosa and Aerin Alexander
Co-authors of Blooming Together
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