USANA also offers the highest quality and purest grade nutritionals available in the USA, and we are happy to endorse and prescribe their products.

USANA Health Sciences may well provide the best line of essential vitamins and minerals available in the country. We also routinely recommend USANA's skincare line because of their purity and low allergenic quality.

We are proud to be a part of Prosperity, the team founded and led by Dr. Christiane Northrup, one of the leading voices in women’s health (and a frequent Oprah guest). Dr. Northrup was given many opportunities to start her own supplement line, but instead opted to prescribe USANA products because of their unmatched quality and efficacy.

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USANA Supplements

What are USANA Essentials?

To maintain health, we need a diversity of vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids and other nutrients. Although we receive many of these nutrients from our diets, it's impractical and virtually impossible to obtain an optimal dose through diet alone. For this reason, USANA has created Essentials to provide the most well-rounded supplementation possible--a must for everyone interested in true health.

The Right Ingredients

The "essential" vitamins and minerals, as defined by U.S. government and nutrition authorities, include the 13 organic compounds and 19 inorganic elements the body needs for proper cell function. Our bodies cannot manufacture these essential ingredients; so we must obtain them from our diets.

USANA has expanded the meaning of "essential" to include several nutrients that recent research has shown help to maintain optimal health. The USANA Essentials also contain a combination of antioxidant compounds to counteract free-radical damage in the cells.

The Correct Amounts

The U.S. Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) lists essential vitamins and minerals in amounts necessary to ensure a continuation of life and to address nutritional deficits that may cause acute deficiency diseases. The USANA Essentials are formulated to do more than defend against deficiency diseases; they are designed to promote optimal health. The Essentials contain greater amounts of almost all the necessary vitamins and minerals than are prescribed by the RDA.

The Precise Balance

There is still much we don't know about the ways nutrients work together. A healthy body is an extremely complex system, and each functional area requires a diverse mix of nutrients. For many reasons, nutritional supplementation should provide nutrients that are both balanced and in adequate doses. For example, certain vitamins supplied in isolation can result in other nutritional deficiencies, and many micronutrients can be toxic at excessive or unbalanced levels. USANA painstakingly designed the Essentials to allow components to work together both safely and effectively.

The Optimal Form

To be useful, all nutrients must be of high quality and be bioavailable; in other words, in a form the body can absorb and use. USANA makes every effort to obtain the highest quality ingredients; and it tests those ingredients for quality and potency. In addition, USANA imposes rigorous quality control standards at every step of the manufacturing process.

Why the USANA Essentials?

USANA Essentials are advanced daily nutritional supplements that supply optimal nutrition for every age group. To help meet the "essential" nutrient needs of children and teens during the years of development, when good nutrition is most important, USANA offers:

  • Usanimals, a great-tasting formulation of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, in an easy-to-take chewable tablet. For children 13 months to 12 years old.
  • BodyRox, a nutritional supplement containing 31 essential vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and cofactors for adolescents 12 to 18 years old, who need optimal nutrition to support the demands of growth and active teenage lifestyles.

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