Women's Health and Fertility

At Tilo Medical & Acupuncture, Dr. Reid specializes in women's health and fertility, using acupuncture and holistic medicines to help you be your most vibrant self, whatever your age. 

Female Health Issues

With the wide variety of treatments available at Tilo Medical & Acupuncture, we can design programs that offer great results for women's health issues. We successfully treat PMS, PMDD and perimenopausal and menopausal health concerns, for example. We also offer natural alternatives to Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

Fertility and Pregnancy

Studies have shown that acupuncture and holistic medicines increase the rate of conception, and ease labor and postpartum effects. Dr. Reid's years of experience confirm this. Moreover, these forms of medicine are natural, cost effective and have virtually no side effects. 

Unlike many other physicians, Dr. Reid promotes a comprehensive approach to pregnancy. He views pregnancy in a holistic manner, as a natural flow from thought and preparation through to bringing your baby home. He supports you and your baby from before ovulation through to birth and beyond.

Dr. Reid directly addresses infertility, using acupuncture as the primary modality to support insemination and in-vitro fertilization protocols. He offers  acupuncture and other therapies to assist you as your needs change throughout your pregnancy, and to support you all the way to post-partum nourishment, fatigue and, if you experience it, depression.

Be Comfortable during Your Pregnancy

Dr. Reid offers practical and effective solutions for staying comfortable during your pregnancy and labor. See these videos for some of his patients' favorite tips.

Acupressure for morning sickness:

Reducing that heavy feeling:

Inducing labor naturally: