What People Say about Our Women's Health and Fertility Program

"After having excellent experiences with Dr. Reid for acupuncture and herbs for general wellbeing and stress alleviation, I decided I would like to try to become pregnant with my second child. Given my "advanced age" of 44, I was uncertain that this would be possible naturally. After several years of acupuncture treatments and herbs administered by Dr. Reid to promote fertility (and some critical contributions from my husband), I am now pregnant!  I'm certain that my sessions with Dr. Reid were instrumental in preparing my body for a healthy pregnancy. Dr. Reid has been an essential part of my pregnancy care, treating everything from morning sickness, headaches and muscle tension to anxiety. His incredible insight into the mind-body connection along with his warm and generous presence has made him an indispensable part of my self- care and wellness routine." – Laura Berland-Shane, LEED AP

"My estimated due date was November 11th. I was having a déjà vu: once again, I couldn’t let her out! I had been in a similar situation two years ago with a labor induction that ended in a cesarean. My obstetrician said she would wait only for two more days! I had the appointment with Dr. Reid at 2pm. He asked me if I wanted him to induce the birth naturally, with acupuncture, and told me he had very good results in other cases. I said: YES!! He told me to talk to my baby, to let her go with conviction, to tell her how she had to place herself inside me (looking to my back, her chin resting on her chest, crossed hands over her chest). That it was the best position.

"He left me with the needles and the contractions started right away. I counted 15, and did what he had told me. We said goodbye and planned to repeat the treatment the following day, but this wasn’t necessary. I returned home driving and the contractions never stopped, at half past nine we arrived to the clinic with my husband. Doing paperwork, my bag of waters broke…Once inside the delivery room I was told to push when the waves came. It wasn’t difficult at all (I knew about painful birth), after a few pushes Luz appeared!!!! Her weight was 2,970 kg, she was very small, so calm. She brought serenity and peace. Dr. Reid:  I am eternally grateful!!!!!!!" – Paula Zignoni, Marketing Specialist

"With his most efficient use of the traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Miles Read helped me to get prepared for the incredible process of giving life. He enhanced my body's capacity to nourish and nest a new being, first preparing it to conceive; then nourishing it and keeping it in balance throughout the whole pregnancy. He supported me even in very critical moments, thanks to his ability to detect the cause of "illness" not only on a physical, but as well on a mental, and emotional level. E.g., he helped turning a painful fibroid, which appeared in my uterus in the 4th month of pregnancy, into a great tool for emotional healing; not seeing the fibroid as a problem but rather as a messenger. After his treatment, composed of herbs, acupuncture, diet, powerful guidance, and visualizations, the fibroid stopped growing, and the pain completely disappeared. I think Dr. Read has a special gift of bringing awareness and visibility in to a situation that is producing discomfort, and by this helping to bring a solution on its way. The most memorable moment of all was for me was Dr. Reid's capacity to help induce my labor with his needles when it was needed...I had a fast and complete natural birth, thanks in part to the wholesome work he accomplished." – Rakel Sosa, Journalist

"Dr. Reid is a unique, compassionate and amazingly knowledgeable and caring doctor who delivers results. I visited him after having my daughter, complaining of a lack of energy and weak immune system. His treatment noticeably increased my energy and I haven't gotten nearly as many colds. I also took my two-year-old to see him and he gave her some herbs and showed me how to massage some pressure points on her arms and legs...and she hasn't been sick once since then. If you need results and demand the best, then Dr. Reid is your only choice.

"Pros: Very thorough and great listening skills. Cons: I want to go for treatment every week!"

 – Ellen Cajka

Posted by Niar:

"I came to see Dr. Reid regarding my menstrual irregularities as well as a bad flu at the time. It was amazing the change and feeling of well being that came to surface in my life after several treatments of acupuncture. Each time I felt I was being given the tools to learn more about the roots of my discomforts and pain. The gentleness, patience and direct knowledge that Dr. Reid has instantly translated into a new form of healing that I hadn't experienced before. In my opinion, you are at the hands of a true healer. Not only did I become aware of my own body and the different cycles that encompass my menstrual period, but how my body functions as a woman. The greatest healing came, however, when I began to see him and a Feldenkrais expert in the same clinic for my lower back sciatica pain. This one I had decided I was going to live with the pain for the rest of my life, I would wake up leaning over to one side in the morning and that was normal for me; the last doctor I saw recommended surgery for a replacement of discs with no guarantee of complete healing. So I decided that I would rather live with the pain than surgery. All that thinking changed when I began acupuncture treatments and continued practicing the Feldenkrais method. I no longer take large doses of anti-inflammatory pills, or spend thousands of dollars on temporary relief for my lower back pain. I can say that I feel so flexible and comfortable with my body after so many years of pain that I regularly see Dr. Reid for acupuncture treatments for general well being. On a different note, his office is located within beautiful garden grounds, where a running pond with fishes and turtles add to this healing environment. Parking is plentiful and accessible! Highly recommended!!

"Pros: great location and accessible parking, reasonable fees, beautiful environment!!"

Posted by Aerin:

"I've known Miles for more than 10 years, and since then he has been my primary care provider. Not only with acupuncture, but he helped me to restore my well being with herbs and supplements. Specifically, my chronic menstrual cramps disappeared after the first few months of treatments and I learned how to help balance my hormones through food, supplements, herbs and exercises. I highly recommend him!"